5 Tips to Speed Up UI Design Workflow

When you are wearing a designing cap on your head, you have to struggle with lots of things! Isn’t it? You often found yourself in the middle of a sea whether to make text block smaller or bigger. Should I go with a dark background or light one is just perfect? White space around the element is required or not? And most importantly how to Speed Up workflow of UI design? Well, to know all your answers, just go through some amazing tips that not only help to increase speed in UI designing but also enhance your productivity.

#1 Resize By a Predetermined Size

No matter whether you need to resize image, text block or white space! The only thing you have to keep on notice is how big the element will be. Surely, you have wasted endless minutes in deciding this. Right?

Well, start by choosing the 8 Pixel grid. Thinking why 8 pixels only? Well, it’s because it offers numerous benefits like-

  • 8 Pixels sufficient to give minimum jump
  • 8 is a great number which is divisible by 2 or 4
  • If you use 8, then it’s easier for you to resize the element without ending with ½ pixel. However, if you go with 10, then you will end up with 5 pixels, then 2.5, and then 1.25 pixels. It is advisable to avoid half pixels as much as possible when designing for screen. By using whole pixels, design elements will align to precise pixel boundaries.

#2 Define Project Colors

There are many color combination exist. If you won’t predefine color shades, it will take plenty of your time. Always aim for five to ten shades for each color. If you are choosing 9 shades, then it’s perfectly fine.

9 is certainly a handy number for defining colors. Well, to prepare these shades, you need to prepare a row of 9 squares & fill with colors. Add base color in the middle. Then, you can define the lightest shade at far left whereas dark shade at far right.

#3 Symbols are Speed Booster

If your designing demands repetitive elements like icons, then make use of symbols for sure. For the creation of symbols, select the layers you want to re-use. And, then click “Create Symbol”.

Just then you defined symbols, you can use it anywhere in the documents. If you need to change that symbol anywhere in the document, then just change it on that particular symbol & it will propagate changes to everywhere the symbol is being used.

#4 Text Styles

Just like symbols, you get an advantage in Text styles. Yes! If you are sharing your sketch with a big team, then keep a copy with a source of truth in case anybody accidentally writes on the working copy.

For the creation of text styles, select the desired text and above the font, attributes click on “No Text Styles”. Then scroll to the bottom and click “Create New Text Styles” for the creation of a text style. In this way, you can edit names & organize text styles for the same dropdown.

#5 Move & Expand Elements Easily

For moving & scaling elements, you just need to adjust the size and position fields. It is extremely helpful when you move something about 27 pixels up & need to adjust the container to fit. Surely, it is not a difficult task as you can do simple math in your head. Just type +27 in the direction you need a container to grow and sketch will automatically compute the new coordinates. This same trick applies to the size field.

At Va Media Box, proficient designers make use of these smart tricks to speed up UI Design Workflow to ensure the best results. Apart from these tricks, they have many other tricks to share. You can connect with us for more information!

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