App Analytical Tools for 2019

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Every business is fighting to stay in the game these days. The growing competition has made it hard to succeed and therefore companies are desperately finding ways to survive this race. Apps have become quite common these days. Some time ago, Apps where just a mere accessory for a company but it has now emerged as a means to gain revenue. Companies are not only setting up apps for their brands but also enhancing them by using Analytical Tools.

Long gone is the time when we could only analyze web related things. Advancing technology has made it possible for us to use Analytic Tools to improve App performance on our mobiles.

Let us talk about some App Analytic Tools of 2019:-

1. Countly

This gives insight into how many people are spending time on the app. This will also tell you how many people are dropping out which can help you target them in the future. This is an all-rounder tool as it helps analyze apps on web, mobile, and games. This is also completely free to use.

2. Google Analytics

Almost everyone has used this tool at some point. Even though Google come into the mobile analytic game pretty late, it still ranks high as the most used analytic tool. It provides a dashboard to display the speed, functionality and User Experience of your App. Additionally, this tool is free to use.

3. Flurry Analytics

This is the most used tool to analyze App performances. It is easy to set up and less time-consuming. If you are starting a campaign and want to see how many people are watching it then this is the right choice. It accurately shows how the campaign is doing – whether it is successful or not. This is a must have to improve your Brand Application plus it is completely free.

4. App Figures

This is quite a useful analytic tool that stores data of your app at one place and then analyzes its performance. This has a free version, a premium version and one for corporate use. In the Free one, you can analyze 5 apps, whereas a premium will cost you $4.99 per month plus $1.99 per app. The benefit of upgrading to premium is that it will give you more analytical insights. The corporate version will cover 1000+ apps in just $2.99 per month.

This tool sends you a report of your App’s performance which can be downloaded in various formats.

5. Amplitude

This is an exceptional tool to list problems faced by people using your app. If there are any bugs in your app that you didn’t know about then this tool will bring it to your attention. This also has a free and a Premium version to be used as per your requirement.

App Analytic Tools are essential to ensure your Brand’s success. VA Media Box has an experienced Mobile App Designing team. We create the best-optimized Apps and analyze them with our Analytical Tools. This ensures that your App draws a lot of traffic and gets a high conversion rate.

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