As of May 2020, All Google Ads Campaign to Utilize Standard Delivery

All Google Ads Campaign to Utilize Standard Delivery

Google is all set to switch all the campaigns for the utilization of standard delivery and in that case, we are not only talking about search campaigns only. In fact, it also includes shared budgets, shopping campaigns, including Video, Display, Hotel, and app campaigns. This will be going to happen from May 2020.

Google stated that standard delivery is pivotal for all the campaigns because it takes into consideration account expected advertisement performance throughout the day. Hence, you can rightly say that standard delivery matters the most when it comes to maximizing the performance.

What Google Wrote?

According to Google, accelerated delivery can’t give you benefit on better budget utilization. Campaign delivering ads through accelerated delivery can even show a higher average cost-per-click.

It further stated that those campaigns that are limited by budget (accelerated delivery) can enhance Cost per clicks due to increase competition early in the day, or it unintentionally spend most of your budget in the early time zones.

However, if you see standard delivery, then the expected performance of the ad can is taken into account throughout the day & it is much better at maximizing performance with the daily budget.

Here is the statement

Bottom Line

We can only say that now advertisers can have great control over the advertisement throughout the day because of ad scheduling. Once they have the power of ad scheduling, they can set bids low or high during the specific times of the day that makes the whole task quite easier!

We hope you are clear with the Google Adwords Management. If you still need to gather more information, you can contact our expert team. Va Media Box is 24*7 available for our clients.


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