Debugging Tools for iOS in 2019


iOS has taken over the world in a short period of time. It has gained immense popularity in the app development domain. If you are into App development then you know it is not an easy job. From generating codes to customizing interfaces to improve your app’s user experience is very important. After an app is set up and is being used by people, several issues can arise. Bugs are a common issue that most App Developers are struggling with these days.

We understand how bugs can impact the performance of your application. So, we have come up with a list of the top Debugging Tools of 2019. These tools will help you get to the root of the problem and fix them permanently.

1. Hyperion
Hyperion                                                   PICTURE CREDIT – Mobintouch

Hyperion is the best debugging solution that helps you detect any bugs that pop up in your iOS app. It has a very interesting way to operate. This tool sits discreetly under your app and inspects it in a fast and efficient way. It offers three default plugins to debug your application:

  • View Inspector – like the name suggests this is used to scrutinize the properties related to the view part of your app.
  • Measurements –this measures the distance between the two views.
  • Slow Animations- this plugin helps to reduce the speed of an animation in your app.

2. Bugfender

Bugfender                                                    PICTURE CREDIT –

This is one of the most used platforms to find Bugs. It is like a journal which is used to log in every little aspect of a user’s experience. What attracts developers to this console is the fact that it operates when a device is online as well as offline.

3. Lifetime Tracker

This tool not only detects the bug in your app but also gives you details about its address and object type. With a one-liner code, a tab will open which will help you identify the problem and the reason behind it.

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