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UI Design is a short way of saying User Interface Design. It is a process of designing computerized devices to make it look appealing to the audience. UI is all about the looks! You might wonder why looks are so important in software and computerized devices. The answer is simple. Look factor is directly proportional to the number of people who visit the website. So, if the look of your website is not appealing, people will not come to visit your page. User Interface has a major impact on User Experience. When you are developing an app or a website then try to analyze it from a user’s point of view.

A lot of factors matter in UI Design. One of the key things a user notices is the font in UI design. It doesn’t matter where the user is viewing the content; it can be on their phones, tablet or their computer. Did you ever think, your page traffic would depend on the font? Yes, it does. We will tell you some key things to consider when you are deciding which font to.



  • Very important to keep in mind when choosing the font.
  • Don’t keep the same size for all your content.
  • Different size helps to distinguish between the heading, subheading, caption, main body.


  • Choose your font type very carefully.
  • If you pick a font that is too different then it might act as a disadvantage.
  • Font type should not affect the readability of your text.

White space/ Leading space

  • Vertical space between the baselines of two lines is called white space or leading space.
  • To make a website appealing to its users a lot of companies prefer some white space on their website.
  • But excess white space can make it look empty.
  • However, too little white space will make the age look congested and cause difficulty in reading.


  • This refers to the space between two letters.
  • Kerning is added in many websites to make it look more sophisticated.
  • This can help in setting your page apart from others.


  • This is similar to Kerning but refers to spacing across lines.
  • It can add or reduce words in a line.
  • More can make it look dense and less can make it look spacious.
  • Improves density of your content by using the tracking feature.

But you didn’t think a simple font could be affected by so many factors. It is very crucial to give a closer look at the details when you are designing User Interface. VA Media Box is a pro at UI designing. We aim to provide the best services to our clients. Our developing team is skilled in paying attention to every aspect of designing a User Interface. This is the reason why we have successfully improved UX for all our clients. If you want to hire our services then contact us at 011-41027888, +91-9599449323 or you can even email us at

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