How To Do Advanced Photo Editing In The Back End Of WordPress?

Having the best visual and decent images on your WordPress is probably your essential requirement that you won’t miss. Isn’t it? Well, right said! Gone are the days when you were compromising on styles and graphics designs on your website. Now you have the advanced photo editing in the back end of WordPress that is enough to attract your visitors.

Generally, Photo editing and WordPress go hand in hand & it’s DigiWidgets plugin that enables you to transform a WordPress dashboard that helps to transform the WordPress dashboard into an image editor.

A Brief about DigiWidgets Plugin

If you are thinking DigiWidgets is a Photoshop killer, then you are wrong. It is a full-featured image editor that is wrapped up within WordPress plugin.

This plugin offers you a wide list of features that you had expecting from the basic image editors like cropping mechanism, layer system, Text boxes, transform option.

Do you know the best feature of this plugin? Well, it has the ability to create templates for certain image formats.

How do Advanced Photo Editing in the WordPress Admin?

Now, we are assuming that you are pretty clear with the fact of how to install and activate the DigiWidgets Plugin. So, the next step is advanced photo editing in our eyes.

To access the DigiWidgets editor, create a project firstly. Go to DigitWidgets > Projects in the WordPress dashboard, and then click on Add New:

Pick up a name for your project and then select on Add New Size from the drop-down list below:

However, make sure you the dimensions you are adding at this moment will be saved under the Project Size name as this will enable you to reuse later date.

The DigitWidgets Editor and Tools

Let’s begin our Editing process!

In your new project, select an image from the Media Library or you can upload a new. To work on the image, click it- you will enable the tools at the right side of the editor. There is a brief list of tools including top to bottom-

  • Zooming functions
  • Option to flip an image horizontally or vertically
  • Filter controls
  • Cropping Tool
  • Insert Text function

Apart from these, there are other tools that give you an option to switch layers, image rotation, simple colored borders.

The DigiWidgets History Features

If you are familiar with editing of photos, then you are definitely aware of the History feature. This feature enables us to roll back any of the previous changes you have done in the previous setting. Even the DigiWidgets editor also includes this and located right above images during the photo editing process.

Once you click on the history button, you can witness all the previous changes, right from the moment you created.


These are some of the benefits you can definitely avail of, and make your website different from all others. We at VA Media Box, make use of productive WordPress Plugin that helps to make images extraordinary. Our talented developers are renowned for using these plugins to make attractive visuals.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take your brand one step ahead with superb DigiWidget features!

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