How to Improve SEO, UX and Revenue with Website Speed Metrics?

Improve SEO, UX and Revenue

When you are internet surfing do you get annoyed if the website just refuses to open? Just having a website is not enough.

A website that has poor speed and is not visually appealing will not be profitable in the long run. If you already have a website for your business but it’s not generating enough revenue then we have some tips that might help.

The performance of your website impacts:



The first task for an Optimizing team in any Company is to derive as much traffic as possible towards the Brand. It is important for a Brand to spread awareness about them amongst people. This expands their audience, gets people to visit their website, and talk about the Brand. However, if the website speed is not fast enough then people won’t stick around till your page loads. So, make sure you enhance your website speed will increase traffic.

Search Engine Rankings:-

search engine

Ranking has a major impact on how many people visit your website. If your website has a high ranking then it means all search engines will list your website in the results. If your ranking is poor then it means users won’t even know about your website. Google made an announcement back in 2010 about speed impacting web ranking. This new discovery led Google to state that faster website leads to happy users. According to them speed will be taken into account for search rankings. Hence, to improve your ranking, take a closer look at your web speed.

Conversion Rates:-


We save the best for the last. Conversion rate is directly proportional to profit made by a business. If the conversion rate is low then the business is not going to succeed. Conversion rate means the moment a user decides to purchase an item or hire your services for their use then user adds to the conversion rate of a Company. If the user gets annoyed by the slow web speed and goes to a different website then the conversion rate will be 0%. Just deriving traffic is not enough for a business to succeed. Conversion rate is a big means of generating profit. Slow speed is not going to help!

UX – User Experience

use experience

It is important for your website to give a good user experience to your customers. The first thing a user notices in a website is its speed. By speed we mean the amount of time it takes when you click on the link to the browser displaying the content from the website server. If the time taken to do this is more, then the user is likely to jump onto a different link. You don’t want this for your website as it will only encourage your audience to look elsewhere. This will ultimately result in less to no profit. The whole reason behind having a website for your business is to make money. If speed is not up to the mark then it will cause problems for you.

So, don’t ignore your website speed. VA Media Box makes it a point that your website is developed to engage more audience and its speed is of user’s liking. Contact VA Media Box and we will guarantee your website has good SEO implementation to give a positive User Experience resulting in higher Revenue!

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