How to Increase Domain Authority?


How to boost domain authority?What are all the  components that influence it on the web? How it can help you increase your growths, traffic and readers?

Domain authority is one of the most essential components to be included when you try to rank for competing keyword.

As we see that SEO is ever changing  and there has been so many variations in it  since the day this term came into utilize. Considering today; ranking on search engine result pages is not a simple task, specifically after the release of Google Panda and Penguin updates.

Indeed there are more than 200 various ranking signals included by Google bot  to analyze and rank any web page or domain on web. Few of them might be social signals, author rank, domain acceptance, domain authority, page authority and many more.

Tips to Boost Domain Authority

First let me make it clear, that there is  no shortcut to progress.It is also useful for DA and better placing on search results. Just like in-order to get persistent website traffic, we mostly make quality content, similarly in-order to see logical increment in your DA you have to build natural back links.

“Domain Authority is SEOmoz’s determined metric for how well a given domain is expected to rank in’s search results. It is based on the Linkscape web index and consists of link counts, mozRank, mozTrust, and dozens more. It uses a machine learning model to predicatively discover an algorithm that best corresponds with rankings across thousands of search results that we conclude against.”

Source – Moz

So it means it’s all about link building, quality of back-links, domain expectation and dozens of other components. Overall its one of the most difficult algorithm and you actually need to put lots of intention to increase it.

Build Quality Inbound Back-links

One of the most essential components which impact your ranking, position and website traffic is the number of inbound links you get or build. Now if the links to your articles or domain appear easily then you can call it as natural back-links and the rest can be called as unnatural.

Gaining natural links is actually hard since it requires lots of creation and dedication. But there are still lots of various ways to make authority links. You can try guest blogging and in my opinion its one of the ideal way to build connection with various bloggers and you got to know influences too. It also assists you to increment your readership, authority in your niche and assists to improve your DA.

The next one can be press release. Now this technique requires asset, but trust me you will get outstanding results. Since if your press release have been optimized perfectly and consists of some real information, then you can see your website in Yahoo news, Google news and other reliable sources. You can even get links from .gov and .edu websites; and these kinds of link are valuable and unique.

Finally some of the other free resources can be:

  • Strictly reduced article directors and web2.0 sites. (Hubpage, Ezine, Sooper Articles, Ezinemark).
  • You can utilize free press release distribution services.
  • Do follow bookmarking and sharing sites.
  • For authority links you can try doc sharing services, YouTube and other video streaming websites.
  • You can execute commenting on commentluv enabled blogs.
  • Finally forum posting, signatures, app development can also be included as valuable source.

Use Old Domain Names –

You can simply rank for some tough keywords if you own old domain name. Google trust your domain.

Indeed millions of websites are registered every year, but most of them are spam websites and have a lifespan of less than one year. But there are some sites and domains which are registered back in 1990′s. So certainly Google and other search engines will have extreme trust on them. Since they consider they are of quality and have been managed since such a long time.

So easily let your domain become old and in this time structure keep posting some unique, quality and helpful content so as to generate persistent organic traffic to your website.

Offer Consistent Helpful Content to Your Readers to Boost Domain Authority

By quality content I don’t mean you have to write unique and 500 word article. By quality I mean the content which has been advanced and arrange considering your valuable readers. It’s truly needed to include your visitors, since they are the only key to social promotion and to a quantity a resource of inbound links.


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