How to Pick Best Laptop for Graphic Designer

When it comes to graphic designing and animation, you can’t rely on any ordinary laptop. Right? You need a perfect laptop that turns your designs into reality. Well, to make some extra-ordinary designs on your system, your laptop must have some modish features.
Let’s Explore What You Need In your Laptop?

#1 RAM

As we all know, the smooth functioning animation software is largely depends upon the processing speed. Hence, make sure you are not compromising with the RAM size of your laptop. It is strictly advisable to avoid those laptops whose RAM size is less than 8 GB. A RAM size of 16 to 64 GB is an ideal choice for graphic designers to accomplish every single need.

#2 Hard Drive Capacity

Hard drive capacity of less than 500 GB, is not very much advisable to graphic designers. If you are not going to use external hard drives in the future, then you can opt for laptops that have a hard drive capacity of 2 TB. It will make sure that you don’t have to face trouble due to a lack of space when you start doing work on your laptop.

#3 Battery Life

Whether you are in the Graphic designer profession or not, if you are going for a longer battery life laptop, then it’s certainly the right decision. Prefer going for those laptops which offer more than 6 hours of battery life.

#4 Graphic Processor

Since graphic designers’ laptops can’t function properly with the regular processor, they need graphics processors to ensure the clarity and processing speed of graphics. Here is the list of recommended processors – AMD FirePro, ATI Radeon, Nvidia GeForce, Nvidia Quadro.

#5 Processor Type

For graphic designers, it is advisable for going high-end processors so that they don’t have to worry about compatibility issues with the latest software and applications. AMD A8, AMD A10, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, some of the preferred processor types.

#6 Screen Size

Large Screens are always welcomed by graphic designers. 16 inches and above screen size is just perfect for graphic designers. Though, you can go for a smaller screen also yet not less than 13 inches.


Now, you are pretty much clear with the Graphic Designers laptop, make sure you are choosing the one which is ideal for your profession. At VA Media Box, our graphic designers are using the best laptop to offer the best graphic designs to our clients. We understand that graphics play a significant role to engage your customers; hence we never compromise with quality and features of the laptop!

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