Kotlin or Java: The better option for Android App Development

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There are a lot of languages out there for Android App Development. One that we can never forget is none other than Java.

Java is a programming language that has been with us for years now. It came out in the year 1995 and since then has made itself a very popular language.

The fact that it has been with us for so many years means that it can be up-to-date with modern times.

Java developers got a little worried when Google announced Kotlin as a Programming language for Android in 2017. Before that Java was ruling as the number one programming language.

Recently, Google made Kotlin the preferred language and has given it its full support. But this doesn’t mean that Google has decided to leave Java and C++ high and dry. They still have their support for Android App Development but Kotlin is just more liked than the rest.

It is like knowing more than one speaking language. If you are fluent in Hindi, German, French, and English it will never be at a disadvantage. You will be a step ahead of someone knowing only one language. Similarly, if you are a developer with knowledge of more than one language then it’s a good thing. The more you know the better it is.

Let us talk about the differences between Java and Kotlin:

                   JAVA                             KOTLIN
In Java, custom codes are created which can make simple things quite complicated Kotlin runs on predefined frameworks (JVM) which makes it easy for a developer to write as compared to Java
Java language is Robust (can be used on multiple platforms)  and Secure Not as secure as Java Language
More time consuming Less time consuming
Can be very expensive Is comparatively cheap

Both Java and Kotlin have advantages and disadvantages. The introduction of Kotlin doesn’t necessarily mean that Java is going to disappear. It has become an integral part of Android App Development and will be around for a few more years. So, all the Android app developers should enjoy engaging with all these languages instead of sticking with just one! Developers at VA Media Box do just that. They constantly keep themselves up-to-date on the latest developing languages to improve their outcomes.

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