Magento vs WordPress + WooCommerce vs Shopify


Successful e-Commerce businesses like Flipkart and eBay give inspiration to start-ups to set up something similar. If you want to get your hands dirty with developing websites then you should be aware of the key players. Magento, WordPress, Woocommerce, and Shopify are some of the most used platforms to design high-quality websites and e-Commerce Online Stores.

We will give you an understanding of these by drawing a comparison between them. First, we will compare Magento and WordPress:



It is more advanced and therefore is not suitable for first-time developers. This is more suitable for first-time developers because it is simple and easy to learn and use.
More complicated More flexible
Helps in building your business if it involves adding multiple sales and services to your website. Helps your business if its main purpose is to add content to your website.
Has inbuilt features, currency management, product management, and multiple language support. In WordPress, you will physically need to add features to your website.

Now, let us look closely at Woocommerce and Shopify:-



Woocommerce is a plug-in used with WordPress. Instead of building an e-Commerce website from the scratch you can convert an already set up website into an online store. Shopify is an all in one platform. You can build your e-Commerce website from scratch using Shopify’s advanced features.
This is an open source platform which supports unlimited customization. This is scalable which means it can accommodate as many products as possible with a guarantee that it won’t crash.
You can choose from a large scale of themes to give your website a modern, stylish and an edgy look. It has its coding language called Liquid which can make it difficult for new developers to learn.

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