Video Advertising Trends -2020

Trends Keeps On Setting & Evolving! That’s why you can’t predict what can come in front of your eyes in the very next moment. With 2020 on the horizon, marketers are all set to welcome the new and smart technological innovations to beat the competition. Video Advertising is certainly one of the best marketing strategies that keep you relevant and competitive in the digital era. Video Content is engaging and easy to absorb, hence you can’t take a risk to avoid Video Marketing Trends to sustain in a cut-throat competition.

2020 Video Advertising Trends You Must Aware Of!

Optimized Videos for Every Social Platform
It’s Video marketing strategies that can help you to stay on the top of the list. To enhance the viewer experience, make sure your posting videos that are well optimized for every single platform. Like, Square Videos for Facebook while for Instagram, it must be Vertical.

We can notice from statistics that, native video on Facebook and Instagram can perform much better than YouTube Video Link. It has been stated by the Insivia report that Viewers retain 95% of messages when they watch in video rather than text. Hence, make sure videos posting from your end are optimized according to the platform to grab the attention of your audience.

Instagram Stories Will Dominate Even In 2020!

Instagram Platform is a favorite for everyone. The audience feels that Instagram posts are more relevant, valued and authentic rather than a well-planned content posted on other platforms. Sneak Peaks of new products, behind the scenes, promotional offers and discounts Videos make them feel special.

To create a sense of credibility among the audience, brands will continue to post videos on Instagram to stay ahead in 2020.

Video Advertising in Google Ads

In the coming year, we can predict that more & more marketers will turn to run Google Ads Video Campaigns. These ads will appear on every display network site or YouTube. As we know, YouTube is the world’s 2nd most search engine that is why video advertising strategies needed to incorporate video ads.

360 Degree Videos

Each day, Brands come up with innovative ideas to give a tough fight to competitors. Isn’t It? Well, it won’t be wrong to say 360-degree video has its own significance. Interactive, immersive and real way content engages the audience for a long time period. For Event & Travel Brands, it can definitely make wonder!

The Bottom Line

Video advertising ultimately leads you to Win-Win situation where these videos are easy to make & generating more engagement than Content or Image Posting. At VA Media Box, our proficient experts look forward to the latest Videos trends to engage more and more customers towards the Brand.

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