What Is Wireframe And Why It Is Important For Web Developers?

Designing or developing a website matters the most as it describes how gracefully pages fit into the device that is being viewed by our audience. And, the initial step of website designing is wire framing. You can rightly say it is the foundation of the building. Let’s explore in this blog what wireframe is exactly and how it plays a significant role for web developers.

What is Wireframe?

Wireframes are generally simple and low fidelity layouts that outline the exact size, page elements placement, conversion areas, site features, and navigation of the website. They are devoid of logo, font choices, color, and design elements. In layman language, you can say it’s a blueprint of the website.

Here is the example of wireframe, have a look-


Importance of Wireframe 

  1. Develop Structure and Layout

Many companies have a big list of requirements in their mind at the time of designing. Wireframes helps web designer to determine whether the elements must be included in each page or not. Adding to that, it also tells the functionality requirements that need to be set for the elements being used.

Simply, it allows client and designer to work on a solid page structure without going straight to design implementation.

  1. Focus on User Experience

Wireframes have the ability to draw attention to the basic structure and functionality of the website. Those designers who often skip wire framing often miss crucial elements of the good website like functionality, usability and user experience. Hence to give the best user experience, designers widely used wireframing.


  1. Clarification of website features

Client often finds themselves at a loss when they hear certain words from developers like “Google map integration”, “hero image”, “light boxes”, “product filtering”, and so forth. Wireframing specific project features helps to make clear communication with the client where developers can easily explain the functions of features.

Seeing these features without the interference of creative influence allows the client to focus on other important aspects that are of utmost required.


  1. Saves Time and effort

When you are pretty much clear about the style and design features it become quite easier for developers to make a website as per the demand of the clients. Just because developers are well aware of the needs of clients, the chances of errors are also decreased. This ultimately saves the time and efforts of developers and clients.


These are some of the major benefits of wireframing. At Va Media Box, wireframing is an important part of the project we take in our hands. This not only helps to understand the requirements of clients but also helps to make a clear connection with them. So, if you are looking for the best website development company that can satisfy all your wishes, contact us! We have a proficient and experienced team of website developers.

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