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Are you a new Startup and want to do online business? Online business is quite famous these days. It has become an easy way of generating a lot of revenue. But when it comes to choosing e-Commerce Software for your business, people often end up in a dilemma. There are so many e-Commerce Software options out there but it can be hard to tell which one is the best.

So, today we will discuss, compare and analyze two such software – SaaS (Software as a Service) and Custom e-Commerce Platforms.

Both of them are being used quite a bit these days. When it comes to the details, SaaS and Custom e-Commerce platforms have advantages and disadvantages.


  • SaaS is preferred for small scale projects. If your e-Commerce website has less than 2,000 products then SaaS software will be recommended.
  • Setting up on SaaS platforms is quite straight forward. It isn’t overly complicated and less time consuming at all.
  • It is quick and easy to maintain it as there are several modules available to add or modify any custom functionality. Though, it would provide you with limited options. This can be a drawback as it can cause restrictions to the functionality and designing of your website.
  • More chances of Error to arise at a later stage in SaaS platforms as these platforms are not open source.
  • You can add as many products you want with SaaS platforms. But, these platforms provide limited resources which could lead to bulkiness and also the costing factor as they have their posting environment.
  • SaaS platforms release their update quite frequently which makes it compulsory for the user to keep it updated. If they do not do so it would result in compatibility issues.
  • Shopify, Volusion and Big Commerce are one of the most popular SaaS software.

Custom E-Commerce Platforms –

  • This is suitable for large scale businesses.
  • These e-Commerce Platforms are primarily used for those applications which need more flexibility in terms of usage or functionality. As these platforms are open-source you can modify the source code as per your requirement which is not possible in SaaS-based platforms.
  • In this, you build your website from scratch without using any template. You can hire a professional developer who can easily create complex codes to give your website a unique look. There are very few existing templates to work on as compared to SaaS platforms. Though you get the flexibility to create custom templates.
  • It can be time-consuming as buying a domain, building framework for a website and setting it all up isn’t a day’s job.
  • This type of application is a little complicated but that is the reason why businesses hire expert developers to do this for them. It can end up being very expensive as the expert will charge their own fee and there will be other charges for buying a domain and custom e-commerce platform.
  • You need to retain the codes for your website and so that if in the future you want to make any changes, it won’t be an issue.
  • You can add unlimited products and create as many designs as possible. This will never cause any problems. Custom e-Commerce platforms provide both flexibility and freedom.
  • Flipkart is a great example to show the advantages of using a Custom e-Commerce Platform. The company invested quite a lot in the creation of their website.
  • Magento, Woocommerce, Open Cart are some of the frequently used Custom e-Commerce Platforms.

VA Media Box provides a wide range of e-Commerce Solutions. We have a team of talented consultants who can give you advice regarding which type of e-Commerce platform is suitable for your website. Our equally talented developers do their best to help you achieve an e-Commerce website of high standards.

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