Where Outsourcing is Headed Next?

Our global industry witnessed enormous changes in the past few years especially when it comes to Outsourcing. It’s quite normal in today’s world to connect with IT organizations that are ready to provide more strategic and influential facilities at your doorstep. Not a single domain remained untouched from Outsourcing. Whether you talk about automation, data revolution, digital marketing, website development or anything, outsourcing has widened its branches across the globe.

Definitely! It’s good to outsource services from outdoor where you easily get the quality and quantity you are looking for. But, the question arises where outsourcing is headed next? Or what will be its future? Well, get all your answers with these hottest IT outsourcing trends gearing ahead in the coming years!

Cost Savings will continue to be an advantage

In earlier times, the major reason behind outsourcing was cost-cutting. It has been seen that organizations were successful in reducing the cost prices by paying less than salaries amount. In fact, a mammoth difference was observed in costs. A few years back some of the outsourcing specialists prognosticated that it will no longer give the benefits due to increase in technological advances and cost of living.

However, this is surely not the case. Outsourcing of marketing solutions or development will continue to give an advantage in years. Also, it will make core business activities more active and focused.

Shortage & urge of best IT skills will increase demand

An extensive raise in technologies and advancements are raising the competition bar that urges companies to get outsourcing. Also, the lack of in house talent can be counted as one of the major reasons behind outsourcing. Here are some of the outsourcing skills that are needed for 2020.

Source: Global Sourcing Association

Outsourcing & Cloud Sourcing will grow & merge

Industry specialists estimated that the advantages of cloud sourcing, as well as outsourcing, will shortly merge and going to give better opportunities in the future. Generally, businesses pushing cloud solutions for several reasons like pliability, scalability, cost reduction.

Changing the IT outsourcing partnerships nature

If we check out the report of GSA in 2018, it has been observed that 70% of companies going to outsource more in upcoming years in which 35% of them plan to do this significantly. In this aspect 84% of service providers expecting the outsourcing industry to rise where 37% believe it remarkably.

Big companies in the future partner with multiple narrowly specialized vendors. ISG data showed in 2008, that 42% of the Forbes G2000 largest global businesses outsourced IT to single companies where it declined to 15% with the time as they are more focused on multi-vendor environments.

Source: Deloitte


After closely observing these trends, we can say that the demand for outsourcing will going to rise in the coming years too and its unlimited benefits make all the processing easier for businessmen. VA Media Box is ready to outsource services to big companies who are in search of the best & quality digital marketing solutions and website development.

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