Who is 17 year Old Who is Running Website Tracking Coronavirus

A Jewish teenager Avi Schiffman, 17 spends his days & night to create a website from where you can access important information regarding the coronavirus. While the whole world is busy in fighting against this deadly virus, Avi took an initiative to transmit only reliable information to the people of the nation so that they stay at bay from fake rumors or misinformation.

He made a website that constantly scraps data from reliable information and get updated after 10 minutes itself. With this, users avail of real-time updates of confirmed cases, serious cases, recovered, and deaths both worldwide in each country. Apart from this, it also hosts an interactive Google map, travel advisories a Twitter feed, information on the disease and its prevention, as well as tips for preparing for quarantine situations.

He stated, “I started working on this project at Christmastime when there were fewer than 1,000 confirmed cases — all in mainland China”. Since, it was difficult to gain clear, concise and exact information about what actually is going on, he invented this website named “ncov19.live” to fix the loophole of misinformation.

Schiffmann, who is working on several projects, took this one on top priority as it would enable him to learn web scraping technology.
“It would also be a way to help with global health, which is something that’s needed when not all governments are the nicest or transparent, and it is hard to get information”.
Source Credit: The Times of Israel

The best part of his website is it scrapes information from many different sources which include official government health organizations (Regional, National & International), as well as trustworthy news outlets automatically. The web scraper even updates when he sleeps.

The teenager, who has planned to take a year or two off after high school to travel the world to participate in hackathons. He hopes to become a serial entrepreneur and we definitely believe, he will become one day. He said, he is not in it for the money but rather to be creative and impactful in his field.

Though Schiffmann is pleased with the attention he gained, yet he hasn’t forgotten the main purpose of the project. He closely looks at every aspect of the website to provide true information without any barrier. His website is meant to help, not for growing panic.

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