Why Explainer Videos are Better for Your Business?

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There are so many ways in which you receive information these days– through text, pictures, videos, and via social media. If you compare and analyze these to see which one is most preferred by people, then you will land on Videos!

Explainer Video is a type of video that is created by someone who wants to explain a subject to others. You must have noticed a lot of businesses have created an Explainer Video about their brand and uploaded it on their websites. If you are wondering why they broadcast these videos then have a look at its advantages:

Increases Traffic On Your Website

When a business uploads an Explainer Video on their website and shares it on social media platforms then it instantly increases traffic. This happens because people are more interested in watching video about your business rather than reading about it. So, when your business publishes a video the number of people visiting your website increases.

Increases Conversion Rate

The more people click on your website the better will be your conversion rate. This is very important because at the end of the day you want to make money. If people are just visiting your website but not purchasing anything then it isn’t good. An Explainer Video helps draw traffic and makes people want to buy your products.

Explain Your Project To Your Audience

The whole purpose behind an Explainer Video is to explain. It is a chance for you to introduce your Brand to the people you want to sell it to. Make them understand why your Brand is so important. Shed light on how it is unique from others and how it will help them.

Grabs Your Audience’s Attention

A Video will grab your attention 10 times faster than a piece of text! This is true. When you see a video it makes you wonder: “What is the message behind it?” For that reason, a lot of people tend to watch it till the end. So, if your Explainer Video is creative, has eye-catching visuals and an interesting way of informing about your brand then people will like it a lot! This is good for building your Brand as people will remember you through your video.

Easy To Share On Multiple Platforms

Explainer Videos are easy to share on multiple platforms. Like we said above, once you create it, simply share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and your audience will grow tremendously.

Get Better Ranking On Google

Explainer Videos can also help in getting your website a better ranking on Google Search Engine Results. This leads to Brand awareness and higher Return on Investment.

Not Expensive

Making Explainer Videos is not going to cost you loads of money! It is a cost-effective way to do all the above. You just need to know your way around designing and editing videos to be able to produce an Explainer Video from scratch. If you are a start-up business then this is a good idea.

If, you haven’t created an Explainer Video for your business then do it now. VA Media Box creates best Explainer Videos at affordable prices. They are eye-catching, informative and guaranteed to help in your Brand’s success.

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