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What Is Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are described as a short video that businesses use to rapidly introduce themselves, describe what they do, and tell how they can help solve their client's issues. Explainer videos can be utilized to:

  • Describe the details of a new product.
  • Describe the services of your business.
  • Communicate a thoughts or message to your clients.
When and How to use Explainer Videos?

A lot of people ask this question. The best way that I describe what it is, is that it’s a short video that describes your product and prepares it easier to find out. Most explainer videos will explain a story first by; explaining the issue a person faces, a presentation to the solution (concept, product or service), how the solution works and some profits to the solution. Also, explainers help to keep more knowledge about a concept, product or service by challenging both visual and auditory impression at the same time, which will boost commitment.

What Are You Looking For ?

Whiteboard  Animation
Whiteboard Animation
animated explainer video service
Cutout Animation
Company Story Videos
Company Story Videos
2d  Animation
2d Animation
Company Story Videos
Company Story Videos

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us as Your Explainer Video Production Company?

  • Diverse Animation Style:

    Many animation galleries fall into the device of repeating the same approach or look, over and over again. That’s something we try to assume about when pitching any new work.

  • Value

    To stand out on social media and to help keep a capable online presence, businesses demand more and more video content to assign across an ever growing list of outlets. And it can get costly. VA MEDIA BOX offers a professional team of animators who love about each and every project and at a fair cost.

  • Experience

    This is where the value of VA MEDIA BOX really comes into play. Genuinely, after 6 years of making hundreds of videos.We’ve been successful to work with uncounted start-ups and businesses who have gone on to become big successes.

  • Relationship

    We’re asked all the time by friends and assistant, how we get new customers and new work. The accuracy is that most of it comes from referrals or past customers. They also come to us to renew or re-do their video the next year and the year after.

  • Storytellers

    Since day one, we’ve understood how essential telling and allocation your story is for a company. Storytelling is at the base of what we do. We’ve done this for hundreds of customers and we look onward to telling your next story.

  • Easier to Share

    According to VA MEDIA BOX’s research, 48% of customers have shared a company’s video on social media. And, of the most popularly shared type of video content, 89% are educational (like explainer videos).

Why Hire Our Animation Experts

Innovative Ideas

Our proficient animation expert team is full of innovative ideas that bring life to videos. We always come up with the best ideas to make engaging videos.

Expert in Script & Storyboarding

You can’t connect to your audience until you are adding emotional connect to your story. Our professional teammates add every essential element to organize storyboarding impressive.

High-Quality Explainer Videos

Videos can boost your business up to 20% that eventually rings more revenue. We leave no stone unturned in making high-quality videos at reasonable prices.

Highly Experienced

Explainer videos help to give a clear vision of your brand to your customers. We know very well how to target a large group of people because we are possessed with years of experience in this domain.


Sometimes brands are looking for those companies who can offer them custom explainer video services . Our company is ready to offer this service to ensure sheer customer satisfaction.

24*7 Assistance

Our team is 24*7 available for our clients. If you want some changes in the explainer videos, then we are ready to perform that anytime.

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