Privacy Policy

Your privacy is critically important to us. At VA Media Box Pvt Ltd, we have a few fundamental principles: Howdy! We are the folks behind providing a vast range of services to anyone–from bloggers to photographers, small business owners, and enterprises–to build and manage a website and to reach the world. However, there are certain considerations that go behind our work processes.

Information We Collect

We only gather information about you when we have a legitimate cause to do so, such as to deliver our Services, contact you, or improve our Services.

We acquire information in three ways: when you voluntarily offer it to us, automatically when we operate our Services, and via third-party sources. Let’s have a look at the data we collect.

Information You Provide To Us

Basic Account Information

First, we gather basic information about our clients such as their name, contact number, address, occupation details, etc to know the client and the purpose why they have hired us.

Public Profile Information

Then, we research in-depth about the client and get to know more about their company. After analyzing the company details, we begin enhancing their online presence with all the required strategies.

Transaction and Billing Information

The next step is to reach out to the clients for all the information regarding the transactions and billing. This is done so that no confusion is created from both ends at the time of payments.

Ecommerce Site Informationn

Then comes knowing about the E-commerce website that the client wants us to develop. Gathering all the information enables us to do our work properly and instantly.

Content Information

We get to know what kind of content the client wants on his/her website. If they provide the content on their own, then we upload that. Else, we allot this work to our content writers.


In case, we require the credentials of the clients in managing the Emails, ads, etc, then we ask for it. We maintain total confidentiality and log out from every account once the work is done.

Location Information

After we come to know the location of our clients, we keep it a complete secret for others. The details are used only where they are required.


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