The Domain Name System: An Overview

The Domain Name System: An Overview

Every website has an IP address that distinguishes it from other websites. You could theoretically surf the internet using simply IP addresses rather than domain names, but this would be impractical. To comprehend how IP addresses and domains are related, you must first learn about the Domain Name System (DNS). The DNS makes it easier to navigate the internet. We’ll go over what DNS is and how it works in more detail. Then we’ll go through a few DNS-related words you should be familiar with and why they’re significant. Let’s get started!

What Is A Domain Name System (DNS) And How Does It Work?

If you’ve ever used a browser, you’re familiar with the process: you type a domain, hit enter, and the page you want loads. Even though there are over a billion websites available online, it’s a basic method that works. Each of those websites, on the other hand, has its own IP address that you may use to navigate between them. Each website’s IP addresses match the servers that host it. “Hey, this URL leads to this exact IP address!” you’re telling the world when you register a new domain. Users won’t have to recall long strings of numbers this way. The problem is that your browser doesn’t know which domain name corresponds to which address. Before sending you there, it must check the DNS to see what address it corresponds to. This is a database that keeps track of which domains and IP addresses are connected.

Terms Related To DNS Are A Must To Know!

If you’re thinking to develop your website, then these are some of the terms associated with a domain network system that you need to be familiar with! If you’re not, then you can always take website design and development services from us. VAMedia Box has proved to be the most trustworthy website development agency in Delhi in the lives of people seeking the best and the most reliable services.
  • ‘A’ Records
  • ‘CNAME’ Records
  • ‘MX’ Records
  • Nameserver
  • Zone Files
  • Time to live (TTL)

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