How to Determine Whether Your Increased Traffic Is Spam

Traffic has spiked- This is what you’ve been aspiring for! Before you start celebrating, make sure to check that the traffic consists of genuine users, and not spam! The task might seem to be a tiresome one, but when you have the guidance of our experienced digital marketing experts at VAMedia Box, then you will be able to crack this task within a few moments.

4 Core Metrics To Check

There are four key metrics that can indicate spam traffic:

  • Session Length on Average: In Google Analytics, Average Session Duration shows how long a user (visitor/person) spends on a website on average during one session (a visit). In general, spam traffic does not stay on a website for long. Spam traffic does not browse the site; it does not read blogs or research the products or services offered. Instead, spam traffic typically lands on a page and then exits.

  • Rate of Bounce: Bounce Rate in Google Analytics is an extremely useful metric for indicating a problem with the site. The percentage of users who visited one page on the site, did not engage, did not click to another page, and left is shared by the Bounce Rate metric. A bounce occurs when a user arrives on a page and leaves without clicking on another.

    Pages/Session: If you have quality traffic (i.e., not spam), you can expect users to view multiple pages per session. Naturally, engaged traffic navigates the site. Spam traffic will most likely view 1.00 (or a very small number of) pages. If the Pages Per Session metric falls with increased traffic, it’s a strong indication that the traffic is spam.

    ●New Customers: If Google Analytics reports that a site has 100 percent new users or a significant increase in new users, this could be spam traffic. To see if the percentage of new users has increased, compare it to historical data and look for a spike.

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